Financial Information

Most start-up businesses require some level of initial funding, even if that is only to establish a line of credit.  The estimates below assume you have no existing infrastructure (tools, vehicles, computers, etc.) so your actual start-up costs may differ significantly.  Throughout our introductory conversations with you, we will establish what you have and what you will need so that your financial investment is completely understood.

The table below illustrates some of the more common fees associated with starting your Delta Disaster Services® franchise

Investment Table

Franchise Fee $45,000 $45,000
New Business Set  $13,500 $43,500
Supplemental Territory Fees $0 $5,000
Leasehold Improvements, Site and Lease Fees $3,500 $27,500
Disaster Recovery Vehicle and Vehicle Fees $8,725 $45,000
Equipment $30,000 $30,000
Signage, Furnishings, Computers, Office Supplies $7,375 $17,495
Inventory Fees, Insurance, Uniforms, Misc. Expenses $16,600 $32,370
Training, Travel for Training $7,300 $15,150
Marketing & Working Capital $58,755 $71,000
Total $186,705 $306,390


We have partnered with Benetrends to jumpstart your franchise success!

Just as Delta Disaster Services® franchises come in all shapes and sizes, so do the funding options. Benetrends offers a comprehensive suite of funding options covering nearly every type of business situation. Our most popular programs is the Rainmaker Plan®.

Benetrends also offers Securities Backed Line of Credit, Equipment Leasing, and Conventional Business Loans.

**Once approved, a financial package will be needed for verification.


As you progress through your investigation and purchasing process with us, the information we will share with you will eventually become more legally binding.  In order for us to share that information, we will need a completed and approved application.  You can access the application at any time using the link below.  It may take you some time to complete all of the required information. We advise printing it out early and getting a head start.  Our franchise development executive can assist you with completing this form at any time.

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