Training & Support

Delta is committed to training and support at the level no other restoration franchise can deliver on.

  • Training/Education

    Delta Restoration Services’comprehensive training puts its franchise owners in the top onepercent of all restoration companies nationwide. Delta’s corporate support team is comprised of the top in the industry experts in the areas of marketing, mitigation, reconstruction, financial, operations and leadership. Delta’s commitment to training and support extends to on call support 24/7 and a dedicated franchise business coach for every franchisee.
  • Pre Training

    Prior to franchise training in Denver at our corperate HQ, we walk all franchisees through an 8-week pre-training process. This training includes completing your business and marketing plan, setting up your facility, filing your business license and insurances, and building your operation pro forma and budget.
  • Franchise Training

    Franchise training is held at our corporate HQ in Denver, CO. Our intensive learning process covers all aspects of the Delta Restoration process, including DMS and supporting software application, as well as best practices for mitigation reconstruction, operations, estimating, marketing, and accounting. You will also have the chance to go on calls to actual jobs and perform work with our corporate store team members. Our training is designed to be engaging for all learning styles with activities, presentations, and team building opportunities.
  • Post Training

    Following your training in Denver, members of the Delta corporate team will come to your location to conduct an official franchise launch and grand opening if desired. This includes a minimum of two days in the field marketing with you to your local referral sources, a dry run with all your equipment on a real or staged job, reviewing all of your systems and guidelines from training, and launching your marketing plan to capture your share of the market. Following the launch visit, Delta will come back to your location around the 90-day mark for additional marketing training.
  • Franchise Business Coach

    Every Delta franchisee is assigned a franchise business coach. All coaches are highly trained in all aspects of running a Delta franchise and come with years of experience from the restoration industry. Your coach will host a weekly meeting with you for the first 6 months and maintain an ongoing coaching relationship as you grow your Delta. Helping you with any aspect of running and building your Delta.
  • Home Office Support (estimates, etc.)

    At any time our Delta Franchisees need aditional assistance, our corporate team is at their disposal for all requests and support. This covers support for all aspects of running your business; from marketing to estimating to accounting. This is outside the post training weekly calls, working with your franchise coach and field training.
  • Flood House

    As a dedicated restoration franchise brand, we are committed to building a franchise network of experts. One of our many efforts to support this commitment is building a state of the art IICRC ASD Flood House inside our corporate facility. This will be used for all of our training for all franchise owners and employees at no cost. This will be 1500 sqft home with all the traditional finishes and contents to properly simulate a new house flooded and then appropriately dried out with industry best practices.
  • PR/Marketing

    Part of our growth strategy for the Delta franchise network is to maximize PR opportunities for all of our franchisees and corporate operations. This includes professional PR pieces written and promoted through our PR partner, such as signing of new franchisees, grand openings, supporting local community organizations, and securing top news spots. Check out our news tab to see our latest PR efforts.