Multiple surveys show that fire & water restoration, mold remediation franchise restoration industry is quite competitive.  Then again, what business doesn’t face a lot of competition?

However, there is a huge difference between companies in the same segment and true competitors. We are going to break it down, using the Denver, Colorado (our prototype location) as a typical example:

The Denver metropolitan area has a population of approximately 2.6 million.  As of last count, there are 270 “competitors” in the market.  Denver is as competitive as any area nationally; yet, we have thrived.


Of those 270 competitors, about 75% are mitigation-only companies.  Meaning they can only provide emergency services (water extraction and dry down).  Calling yourself a “water damage expert” is not overly complex.  Anyone with bare bones equipment and a strong back can go after water damage losses.

Doing it well, that is a different story,

Around 15% of the market is construction only.  Meaning they do not do any emergency services.  They only rebuild after the emergency services is complete and they are usually scrambling to find new jobs since they enter the claim long after it has been settled.

Whittled down, only about 10% of the Denver market competition is full-service.  Meaning they perform emergency services and reconstruction services.  From that 10% (approximately 27 companies) there is only a handful we consider true competitors.  True competitors are full-service, have exacting standards, and provide excellent customer service.

So, while there are lots of businesses in this field, few provide the high caliber, full service experience of Delta Disaster Services®.  We can show you how to rise above the rest and establish yourself as THE restoration company in your market.


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