Competitive factors

  • Top 1% Industry Training 

    The Delta is 100% committed to having the strongest training in the restoration industry to ensure our franchisees are second to none when it comes to education. Upon your graduation from our franchise training, you are in the top 1% of the restoration industry for education and acumen.

  • Flood House  

    DDG is committed to keeping their promise to the customer with their Delta Seal of Safety. When it comes to franchise training in support, Delta will not be beaten. Our commitment to training has led us to building our own IICRC ASD Flood house in our corporate HQ. This allows for all of the franchises to get top industry training anytime at no cost.

  • Full Service  

    Supporting our promise to offer peace of mind during uncertain times we offer the full-service component of reconstruction. When the customer experience a loss with no direction, our franchisees take the role of being the guide and support necessary to get them through there life disruption from day one to the customer reclaiming their lives in their home.

  • Delta Management Systems (DMS)

    Delta management systems is our Proprietary, cloud-based communication and project management platform, allowing you to Scale and manage your growing restoration business more efficiently and reduce DSO (Days Sales Outstanding, or days until payment is collected) Delta management systems is the only software to integrate with all industry standard supporting software.

    Insurance restoration involves a high volume of claims and requires the ability to follow exacting standards of documentation, quality work, and communication. Our proprietary software systems enable you to stay on top of every detail of your company from anywhere that you have internet access.

  • Most Available Areas  

    As an emerging brand, you will benefit from having Delta Franchise opportunities in your neighborhood. Our territories are the largest in the franchise restoration world and can be combined to capture larger areas with multi-area agreements.

  • Founder Lead  

    Micheal Mastous conceptualized Delta after spending his career in the restoration industry operating restoration companies, adjusting for insurance carriers, and helping other brands expand into restoration. The full-service model was not an option for the customer or for insurance companies to use at the time. Micheal saw this opening and has been on a quest to fill it since 2006. Having our Founder and President driving the company’s daily operations and constantly looking for new opportunities for efficiency and profitability allows all franchises to take advantage of the native operational acumen and operational experience in real time. Support is always a phone call away.

Additional factors


  • Exclusive Territories 

    Only one franchise per market – that is our promise. This means you have the ability to build your entire area without having to worry about over-saturation from multiple franchise owners.
  • Rapid Receivables

    Our revolutionary collections system is unmatched. We are paid up to 45% faster than the industry average; and as a result, we are able to keep cash flowing on a regular and consistent basis.
  • Technology Centric

    Leading the industry with the use of the latest technology has its benefits. Paperless office, real-time data and job performance measures to support our insurance partners, and providing the customer with the best available service with our equipment and technology.